​Stage Production & Design​

As we all know, an all-important theme lies at the core of any activity. If you want to convey the theme of an activity clearly and effectively, you must pay close attention to the stage production as well as its design. At the same time, the layout of the stage should also be adapted to suit the theme. The beautifully designed stage and the marvelous scenery will surely pleasantly surprise your guests, ensuring that they will have a most refreshing experience.

Backstage Events is a stage production company that provides professional stage design and stage production services. As a reputable and professional stage production company, we possess many years of stage production experience and have served a multitude of clients over the years. We have planned and produced numerous large and small stages for events in various venues such as hotels, convention hall, exhibition centers, and outdoor settings. Our stage production services have always achieved the desired results for our clients, that’s why they continue to trust us. Certainly, for our clients who are always cooperative, they were also very much satisfied with our design and layout.

Before making the stage, we will communicate with the clients and make plain their requirements and expectations. After defining the guest’s requests, we usually go for a field trip. Then, we will give our clients professional advice according to the objectives and conditions set for the venue. On the basis of the consent to the guests, we will adjust the stage’s design. Of course, we will also inform our clients of the budget for stage production in advance. In the stage design process, we always strive to provide the best stage design effects for clients within the client’s budget.

In order to ensure that the service provided by us can satisfy the requirements of each customer, for each project, we will always assign a dedicated project manager to follow up on the whole process. Throughout the process, they will provide you with tailor made services with attention down to the smallest details. Their responsibilities include: proposing conceptual design, checking draft drawings design, pre-production and on-site installations, as well as reporting progress, explaining the materials and processes to customers beforehand, to ensure that you understand each of the items clearly. Therefore, you can contact your exclusive project manager if you have any questions during the stage production process, and they can provide you with timely solutions and other inspirations.

Please call us at +852 3162-0687, or just send us an email at info@backstageevents.com.hk for any enquiries or quotation.

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