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With the development of science and technology in our field, the LED screen has become the mainstream for backdrops, advertisements and film displays. All kinds of activities, such as meetings, anniversary dinners, product launches and so on, are now making their LED Wall a centrepiece for their events.

In addition to the design and production for traditional stage backdrops, our company also supplies LED Wall Hong Kong rental service to meet the needs of different customers. As a professional LED Wall rental company, our networks and renowned technical abilities are well known in our industry. We offer LED screens with different definitions, with the highest resolution up to P2 and P3 levels, providing crystal clear images and text. And if you choose us, we will provide our usual, topnotch professional services.

Today, with the advancement of technology, more and more consumers are willing to choose the LED Wall. LED Walls can often bring much more possibilities to their activities. In activities, if we use LED Walls as the stage background, we can utilise animation and in this way, the stage will become more lively. Similarly, we can also play movies, live videos, PowerPoint and photos. By these ways, we can attract more attention to our guests. Moreover, the clarity of LED Wall is much clearer when compared to traditional projection technology and screens. Another reason why it enjoys unprecedented popularity in events today is that the use of an LED Wall is not restricted by the venue, and can be set up for both indoors and outdoors use.

Nowadays, people find themselves in an endless pursuit of better screen picture quality. An LED TV screen is definitely clearer and brighter, which satisfies people’s current tastes very well. At the same time, it occupies a relatively small space and is easier to set up. Therefore, for small meetings, banquet lobby film display and promotion, using an LED screen is the way to go.

Consequently, as a professional LED Wall Hong Kong company, in addition to LED Wall rental service, our company also offers LED TV rentals from 42” to 90” to suit different venues and uses. In the process of utilizing the product, we will give you suggestions according to your actual situation. Concurrently, if you have any questions, please contact us any time and we will provide you with our customary excellent services, and also help you solve any problems as soon as possible.

Please call our expert team at +852 3162-0687, or just send them an email at info@backstageevents.com.hk for any enquiries and quotations.

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