Backdrop Production & Design

In order to standardize the theme of the event, and make the guests present at the venue feel more involved, we need a complete design that conforms to the overall theme. As a professional backdrop production Hong Kong company, Backstage Events provides customers with various types of design and production services, including stages and backdrop production, venue layout and other related services. Our company has rich experience in traditional plane backdrops, have indeed put forward numerous achievements in this regard.

With the development of science and technology, in addition to flat backdrop production, we also recently launched the business of making 3D backdrops. 3D backdrops are more hierarchical than planar backdrop. With added three-dimensional props and decorations, it will definitely attract more attention.

As an expert in backdrop production in Hong Kong, whether it is in stores, hotels, exhibition centers or outdoor settings, we will design and produce appropriate backdrops and layouts according to the venue. Of course, in order to understand the customer’s wishes and the production budget of the project, we will assign a dedicated project manager to communicate and work with our consumers, then we can set about creating the highest quality backdrop at the most appropriate cost for our customers.

Nowadays, everyone likes to take photos with a special background. The vivid and creative backdrop can attract a large number of audience or guests. While they appreciate backdrops, they also help publicize the products and brand messages, is a great way to engage. We will design a series of designs according to the concept of clients and provide professional advice on each of them. On the basis of displaying the theme of your mind while incorporating some new ideas, we will make some adjustments to or fine-tune the design scheme. In this way, our products have always been successful in attracting audiences.

In our modern society, led screens are installed in many places. As a professional backdrop production Hong Kong company that is keeping pace with the latest technologies, we also provide such designs and services.

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