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As we all know, program content, flow and stage production are all very important elements in a successful event. In addition to basic program content, proper program flow and magnificent stage production, sound effects and lighting effects are also indispensable elements of any activity that is memorable. Good audio-visual effects can bring about a more engaging viewing experience for each member of the audience, and also can make the atmosphere more positive and lively. Therefore, in order to help take your activity to the next level, each event organizer is pursuing higher quality audio-visual effects nowadays.

As a professional Hong Kong audio lighting rental company, Backstage Events provides audio lighting rental services for our customers. We use high quality professional stage lighting and audio equipment to work with various types of activities. Our company’s lighting engineers and sound engineers have many years of experience.  Our engineers can design sound and light effects according to different activities and projects. So, if you choose our company, you just need to trust us and tell us your needs, then our engineers will do the rest and give you the perfect stage experience.

Before the event, we will also give you professional advice according to the venue, seating arrangement, layout and content of the program. In this way, we can work out the best plan which is in line with your budget. At the same time, we can get the best stage effects too. Of course, we are a one-stop service, including transportation, installation, on-site control and dismantlement, for a complete peace of mind.

The high quality sound effect will make the sound more dulcet and the music more pleasant. The superior quality lighting effect will make the scene atmosphere higher, and make the audience more involved and enjoy the process. Therefore, the high quality lighting effect will make the scene atmosphere higher, so that the audience more involved and enjoy the event.

Our professional audio lighting rental services include:

  • Professional Computer Effect Lights
  • Follow Spot Light
  • Branded Lighting Console
  • Rigging System
  • Professional loudspeaker
  • Branded Microphones
  • M.I and microphones
  • Stage Effects (Smoke, Dry Ice, Confetti, Snow, Firework etc.)

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