​Professional Annual Dinner Production

An annual dinner for any company is usually a large-scale banquet event and often a major highlight during the year. For this type of banquet, decent arrangements, ingenious theme design, exciting event content, attractive decoration and a festive atmosphere are all important factors. At Backstage Events, we as a professional annual dinner production house will brainstorm and execute the appropriate theme for you and formulate it in accordance with your company’s requirements. During the event, we will definitely help you to make a good impression on your esteemed guests. To arrange a successful dinner party of this magnitude, the amount of projects and details involved are quite complex, and it is very easy to omit some details that will lead to mistakes, causing a negative effect on the whole event.

Backstage Events has rich experience in annual dinner production. As an annual dinner planner, our team members have participated in the planning and production of more than a thousand anniversary parties and dinners for various companies. If you choose us, we will provide you with a one-stop service. We will handle every link with you to ensure that your banquet can go smoothly. Our services include: theme design, active content design, stage design to production, , venue decoration, warm-up performances and games, entertainers and host invitations, and monitoring the event process.

Your Gala Dinner Planner​

Other than traditional annual dinner production, if you are going to have a dinner planned for a unique festival or occasion, we also offer a gala dinner planner service. You just need to tell us what you need and we will try our best to do it for you. Each of our projects will be followed up by a dedicated project manager. The project manager will be in close contact with customers. They can ensure the orderly preparation of the activities and also ensure that all projects are handled appropriately. During the activity, if you have any questions, please contact your designated project manager in time, and they will help you solve the problem and guarantee that your banquet will go smooth and perfectly as planned. So if you want to hold the perfect banquet, we are your best choice and will always put our maximum effort for any event.

For any enquiries or quotations, please call our dedicated team at +852 3162-0687 or send them an email at info@backstageevents.com.hk.

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